Cleaning and Caring Tips for Stainless Steel Flatware

Owning a classic and elegant collect of Dawoochen branded flatware is definitely worth priding. However, if you fail to care and clean your flatware set properly it can even be embarrassing infront of your guest the next time when you un-box the collection for use. Think of greasy stains, marks, remains of oils etc on your flatware collection you had always prized so much. The though itself is disheartening. However, you need not worry since here you will come across the essential tips for caring properly for your stainless steel flatware so as to keep up its elegance and appearance perfect.

Essential Tips for Care

Many people get the wrong idea that stainless steel flatware are not suitable for washing in dish washer. However it is not so until you know the right technique of washing.

  • Do not put other metals like sterling silver or so in the same cycle of washing as stainless steel.
  • Moreover, choose your washing agent wisely. Try to avoid heavy chlorinated washing agents or washers with bleaching effect since these can essentially erode the outer protective layer over the stainless steel.

For those who would like to prefer hand washing of the stylish flatware, avoid dishwashing agents which include orange or lemon additives which can corrode your stainless steel flatware. Again it is essential to note that if remains of foods cling to the flatware for long time they can also stain or corrode the steel surface. There are many food products like vinegar, tea, eggs, coffee, mayonnaise, salt, which can make permanent stains of shiny stainless steels. Moreover, soaking your stainless steel flatware in water for easy cleaning later is never advisable, since soaking over long time can lead to chances of corrosion.

Dishwashing Mechanism

Loading your favourite set of stylish flatware in the dishwasher should not be casual. To ensure best shining status of your flatware as well as the safety quotient, it is always suggested to keep the handles up of forks and spoon, and knives are to be placed separately with the sharp edge down.

Just like cleaning flatware of stainless steel properly, drying it carefully and promptly is also important. If you do not dry the cleaned flatware immediately it may lead to chances of water marks, spots, stains, corrosion or discolouring. This type of damages can even be permanent in nature. Even hot air drying process of dishwasher can also be harmful sometimes.