Elegance, Style and Hygiene Compiled Together in Dawoochen Flatware

In many cases where flatwares are used in a hygienic atmosphere, it becomes essential to ensure even the hygiene level of the flatware. It might in cases when you are using this flatware for feeding an infant, a patient or if you are generally using it in hospitals, canteens and restaurants where you need to maintain essential hygiene criteria and level. Dawoochen brings upscale quality in flatware with engrossing design and finish.

Not only hygiene, but the flatware collection offer top class presentation appeal as well. Presentation of a dining table, from utensils, to plates, napkins to vase, glass to every small detail counts for complement when you are expecting some guest.

Dawoochen Product Line

Dawoochen offers two distinct range of flatware collection in its product line. The 18/10 Chromium based stainless steel flatware comes in two sets of 5 pieces in a set and 20 pieces in a set. Therefore, with these two distinct variations of collection you need not worry at all for those small table spoons, or tea spoons, forks or knife. However, if you are not looking for a complete set, and would like to stick just to your necessity then the 5 pieces set can be your best buy.

Features and Design

  • Sleek design, offering an elegant look with firm gripping structural option.
  • It is patented so as to make sure the flatware is well protected from dirty surfaces and contamination of germs.
  • It offers high end hygienic properties, since it is patented is considerably less susceptible to germs.
  • The design is thoughtful. It is ergonomically designed for a pleasant look as well as comfortable gripping.
  • Since the designs are quite sleek, it suits well with any kind of dinner set, contemporary or traditional, artistic or delicate.
  • Again the slim and sleek design enables easy storage as well as ease of cleaning.
  • Since, intricate embellishments and decorations often lead to sticking of foods within the grooves, these flatware come with plain and elegant design. Eliminating the hassle of difficult washing.
  • These are highly cost effective. One of the prime reasons behind it is that this USA based company takes advantage of USA’s leading position in manufacturing high grade stainless steel in the world. Thus, you can avail, elegant, classy and decorative flatware set in a price range you could have expected never before.

Thus, replace your old cutlery set, and try out the latest innovative design buzzing the dinning culture.