Restoring Shine and Polish of Stainless Steel Flatware

Keeping up the shine and lustre of stainless steel flatware is most essential, since dull, faded flatware can spoil your impression in front of your guests. Moreover, even if you are not using your Dawoochen flatware for guests, you and family would also not prefer stained, dull and greasy flatware on the dining table.

Dawoochen excels in offering premium quality 18/10 chromium based stainless steel flatware, which owing to their high end quality does not require daily polishing. However, inspite of that there are some essential caring tips which you need to follow to ensure shiny and superb looking flatware for years.

Getting back Shine

Sometimes after consecutive washes by hand or in dishwasher, stainless steel flatware tend to lose their lustre to some degree. However, this might not be a permanent damage since you can restore the shine back with essential polishing.

  • There are stainless steel cleaners available in the market easily. Buy one which is most suitable for 18/10 Chromium based stainless steel.
  • Use a little amount of the cleaner in a clean rag. Gently rub the flatware to clean up small scratches of marks or spot. Once you are done, take another clean piece of rag to clean off the remains of the cleaner. This would bring back the shine and lustre.
  • Instead of commercial and chemical cleaners, using olive oil to clean your flatware can be a great alternative. The process is similar to that of market cleaners. You need to make sure that you clean off the extra remains of olive oil after polishing the flatware.
  • Using Olive oil can be effective even for removing minor spots and marks.
  • However, another home remedy for removing rust or spots on stainless steel flatware is using a little amount of vinegar on a rag and vigorously rubbing over the rust or the spot to clean it off.
  • You can also clean your flatware after washing with mild detergent to ensure remains of vinegar or olive oil are completely cleaned.
However, it is best to clean your flatware immediately after you have food. This ensures that no remains of the food are there on the flatware. Since many food products can be acidic in nature they can react with the outer layer of the stainless steel to project marks, spots or even corrode the steel. However, it is also important to keep the flatware dry to resist watermarks as well.